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As mentioned in my earlier post, DAX 2012 Development Cookbook compeition is closed now.

Many thanks to all those who posted the comments. Currently your comments are being reviewed and winners would be announced soon.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development CookbookI am giving away chance to win two copies of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook.

How you can win:
To win your copy of this book, all you need to do is come up with a comment below highlighting "why you would like to win this book".
The contest is open to everyone and is valid for7 days until 27th May 2012. Winners will be selected on the basis of their comment posted.

 Thanks to the people who posted comments so far! But in order to give more opportunity, I am keeping this competition open until Sunday, June 3 2012.


Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development CookbookEarlier this month, Packt published book titled 'Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Development Cookbook' written by Mindaugas Pocius. Earlier in December 2009, Packt Published book titled 'Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Development Cookbook' also written by Mindaugas.

More information on this book may be found here. I am looking forward to getting hold copy of the latest book.


AX 2012 - Creating Project Contract

My apologies in advance for the code formatting. Below is quick and easy sample X++ code for creating Project Contracts in AX 2012.

static void ProjectContractCreation(Args _args)
ProjInvoice document;
ProjInvoiceTableService importService = ProjInvoiceTableService::construct();
ProjInvoice_ProjInvoiceTable invoiceTable;
ProjInvoice_ProjFundingSource fundSource;

CustTable custTable;
LogisticsLocationEntity location;
LogisticsLocationRecId LogisticsLocationRecId;
CustAccount custAccount;
DirPartyRecId DirPartyRecId;

custTable = custTable::find('000006');
custAccount = custTable.AccountNum;
DirPartyRecId = CustTable.Party;

location = DirParty::primaryPostalAddressLocation(custTable.Party);
LogisticsLocationRecId = location ? location.parmLocationRecId() : 0;

//create new document
document = new ProjInvoice();

invoiceTable = new ProjInvoice_ProjInvoiceTable();
invoiceTable.parmDescription('Harish contract proj test');

fundSource = invoiceTable.createProjFundingSource().addNew();


Please make sure the above code is tested thoughly before deploying in Production.


A deja vu feeling ..

A while back MFP in his own lucid and inimitable style published a series of 'Seeing is believing' posts on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. I book marked them so I can view them later at my leisure. But today when I went back I could not locate those posts. Particularly I could not find the following posts -
  • AX 2012 Developer Workspace
  • AX 2012 X++ Editor
  • AX 2012 Type Hierarchies
  • AX 2012 Creating an ISV Model
  • AX 2012 Uninstalling the Upgrade model
Where is it gone? I am confused now..

You are right Palle! I had the following note from MFP this evening -

I had to remove my posts due to potential disclosure of confidential information. I hope to be allowed to publish them again soon. I apologies for the inconvenience.

Thank you to Palle for stopping by; and thanks to MFP for Clarification!


After we installed Enterprise Portal, when we tried to open for the first time we had following error message -

Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type could not be found or it is not registered as safe.

After spending some time, the issue was found to be 'axwebparts.cab' (under Operations > Solution Management in SharePoint Central Administration site) in wrong retracted status. After deploying the solution, the above error went away.


I have had the pleasure and privilege to work on my third book on Microsoft Dynamics AX as Technical Reviewer.

As the title indicates, 'Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Administration' is focused primarily on the set up and configuration aspects of DAX 2009. In particular this book covers following aspects -
  • Master the components required to set up and configure Dynamics AX 2009 in your business and effectively manage your business data.

  • Understand the current hardware, software, and network infrastructure in which you will be implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Maximize the stability and performance of your Dynamics AX environment.

  • Fully understand the base Dynamics AX 2009 components and their features to get your Dynamics AX environment up and running effectively

  • Implement the Enterprise Portal, a web-based solution to access data from Dynamics AX and perform many functions such as Purchase Requisitions, Sales Orders, Customer lookups, and CRM

  • Understand how to set up and configure the business intelligence and advanced reporting capabilities of your data by using the Role Centers in Dynamics AX

  • Enhance the security of multiple services by ensuring that the Kerberos Authentication protocol is implemented in your Dynamics AX environment.

  • Learn the process of setting up and configuring workflow to fit the needs of a company that requires various workflow capabilities

  • Discover how to use the Application Integration Framework to exchange data either synchronously or asynchronously between one system and another

  • Manage, migrate, and convert your data in Dynamics AX

  • Get a hold of the common user administration functions that are built into Dynamics AX, including setting up domains and importing users, permissions, profiles and company accounts

  • Make critical, timely business decisions by fully understanding the Alerts and Notifications features that notify you when specific criteria have been met with your data

  • Tweak and enhance Dynamics AX and its components for optimal performance

  • Learn how to maintain the data integrity of Dynamics AX data and develop backup and recovery processes
Lots of efforts have gone into this book to ensure that this book meets the very high expectations from wider DAX community. This book is published by Packt Publications and I take this opportunity to thank the publication team for all their efforts.

Addendum - 'Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Administration' book can also be purchased from Packt Publishing website. In addition to the hard copy, soft copy of this book can also be purchased from their website. More info is available here.


Posting after a long time. Making a mental note to post more regularly.
Microsoft PressOn that note for a limited period of time, free ebook titled 'First Look: Microsoft Office 2010' by Katherine Murray can be downloaded for free without any registration. Size of this ebook is about 10.5 MB. For more info, please click here.


Dynamics Ax videos in YouTube

It has been quite a while since I updated my blog. It was very hectic with lots of travelling around the country, late hours etc.

Any way the other day I came across quite a lot of Ax videos in YouTube on subjects like SourceSafe, Enterprise portal, Compliance Centre, setting up Outlook synchronization etc. Here are some interesting play lists that I came across -

MS Dynamics Ax (10 videos)

Dynamics Ax 2009 (6 videos)

Bradkoontz (2 videos)


Dynamics Ax 2009 Demo data - SQL error

Some time back after restoring Ax 2009 standard demo data, I tried to start AOS server and got the following error -

The program is unable to load and execute the class 'SqlDatabaseInit', which is essential in order to identify the database vendor and load the appropriate SQL system variables.

This can be caused by insufficient access rights to the SQL Database, a missing or corrupted application file, or syntax error(s) within the class itself.

Solution - This error is due insufficient access rights. After restoring standard demo data, AOS service account must be manually assigned following database roles - db_ddladmin, db_datareader and db_datawriter. Additionally execute rights must be granted on the two stored procedures as well (CREATESERVERSESSIONS and CREATEUSERSESSIONS).